About Us


CWC Corporation is a gay owned and operated company that specializes in bringing products or services to the market place that would be of specific interest to straight or gay men. Many products and services currently on the market, or not yet introduced to the market, need specific tailoring to ensure they meet the needs and desires of there intended consumer and this is where CWC Corporation thrives. We were founded on 11/11/11 with the goal of bringing products and services to market, in a manner which is tailored to suit and meet the needs and desires of the male consumer and customer, to ensure better product and service placement and to maximize customer satisfaction and service !

We have a vast array of products we sell online and also services we offer our customers and consumers.

We operate many different websites of our own which sell products and services, and are marketed at different aspects which are appealing to men. We also sell products through 3rd party merchants like ‘Amazon, Ebay’ etc.

With our vast array of websites we also manage many large mailing lists geared to different male genres to ensure correct product or service placement. This enables us to place the right products in front of a male audience that will appreciate and buy those products or services.

If you are interested in working with us and have a product or service that would be perfect for the male market, then we urge you to CONTACT US TODAY!